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Inventory Management Software Speed Plus 9
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About Course

Inventory Management is one of the key factors that defines the success of a business. Inventory is nothing but the money sitting around in another form and it holds huge working capital. Any inefficiency in managing inventory will put your business in not-so-favorable situation. Speed Plus 9.0 is a flexible Inventory Management software helping small and medium business to manage optimum level of inventories. This course helps you understand the Complete Inventory Management in Speed Plus 9.0. The course is enriched with numerous real life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations and solved illustrations on Speed Plus 9.0. The professional course is structured in a blended format which gives you a flexibility to learn at your own pace while getting help from experts. As a certified learner you get an edge among your fellow competitors in job market.
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What I will learn?

  • Inventory Setup and Configuration:
  • Inventory Tracking and Visibility:
  • Stock Categorization and Classification:
  • Barcode Scanning and Labeling:
  • Stock Transactions:
  • Inventory Valuation Methods:
  • Inventory Optimization Strategies:
  • Multi-Location Inventory Management:
  • Inventory Reports and Analysis:
  • Inventory Security and Access Control:
  • Integration with Other Modules:

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Inventory Management
Course Introduction – Inventory Management – Preview Video What is Inventory Management, Importance and Advantages Different Types of Inventory Valuations

Inventory Master Creation
Stock Group – Introduction, Creation and Alteration Creation and Alteration of Stock Category Creation of Unit of Measurement & FAQ Creation of Godown Creation and Alteration of Stock Item

Tracking of Movements of Goods in Batches
Activation of Batches for Stock Item Allocation of Batch Details in Purchase Invoice Selling of Stock Items from Batches Identifying of Expired Batch in Sales Invoice Enabling & Disabling of Printing Batch Information Returning of Expired Batch Stock Item

Price Levels & Price List in Speed Plus 9
Activating Price Levels Defining Price Levels, Creating Price List Usage of Price List in Sale Voucher Revise Price List

Supply Management/ Supply and Non-Supply Vouchers
Activation of Purchase Order and Sales Order Activation of Delivery and Receipt Notes Activation of Debit Note and Credit Note Purchases Management – Recording Purchase Order, Receipt Note, Purchase and Purchase Returns Sales Management – Recording Sales Order, Delivery Note, Sales and Sales Return

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 years ago
Great clarity in explanations and thoroughly enjoyed the course. I had been working out for quite a while, but a few little things we might miss out from a diet perspective are covered well in detail here.
Especially loved how you structured the entire focus area of dieting into most important ones to lesser ones.


  • NBefore embarking on your journey to master inventory management with Speed Plus 9.0, it's essential to ensure that you meet certain requirements to make the most of your learning experience. Here are the key requirements:
  • Computer or Device: You will need access to a computer or a compatible device with a reliable internet connection to access the course materials and the Speed Plus 9.0 software (if provided).
  • Operating System: Ensure that your computer runs on a compatible operating system, such as Windows or macOS, to run Speed Plus 9.0 smoothly.
  • Software Installation (If Required): Depending on the course arrangement, you may need to install the Speed Plus 9.0 software on your computer. Ensure that your device meets the software's system requirements.
  • Internet Connection: A stable and reasonably fast internet connection is crucial for accessing course materials, video tutorials, and online resources without interruptions.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Familiarity with fundamental computer operations, including using a keyboard and mouse, navigating through software interfaces, and managing files, is recommended.
  • Email Account: An active email account is often required to receive course-related communications, access online platforms, and receive updates.
  • Web Browser: Use a standard web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to access the course website and online resources.
  • Time Commitment: Dedicate sufficient time to your learning journey, as mastering inventory management with Speed Plus 9.0 requires dedication and practice. The specific time commitment will vary based on your prior experience and the course's duration.
  • Language Proficiency: A good command of the English language is necessary to understand course materials and communicate effectively in discussion forums.
  • Hardware Requirements (If Applicable): Depending on the course's complexity, you may need specific hardware, such as barcode scanners or additional peripherals, if you plan to explore advanced features of Speed Plus 9.0.
  • Commitment to Learning: Approach the course with a positive and committed mindset. Dedicate time to complete assignments, quizzes, and hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding.
  • Software Updates: If you are using the Speed Plus 9.0 software, keep it up to date with the latest patches and updates to ensure optimal performance and access to new features.
  • Course Fees (if applicable): Check if the course has any associated fees, and ensure you have made the necessary payments or arrangements.
  • Before enrolling in the course, carefully review the specific requirements outlined by the course provider to ensure you have all the necessary resources and prerequisites in place for a successful and rewarding learning experience in inventory management with Speed Plus 9.0.o prior health knowledge is required or assumed
  • A digital food scale will help but is not required

Material Includes

  • When you enroll in the Inventory Management course focusing on Speed Plus 9.0, you will gain access to a comprehensive set of materials and resources designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in inventory management using this powerful software. Here are the materials included in the course:
  • Video Tutorials: Engage with a series of video tutorials that cover various aspects of inventory management within Speed Plus 9.0. These tutorials provide step-by-step demonstrations and practical insights.
  • Interactive Lessons: Access interactive lessons and modules that break down complex inventory management concepts into manageable segments. These lessons often include quizzes and hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning.
  • Comprehensive User Manual: Receive a detailed user manual specific to inventory management within Speed Plus 9.0. This manual serves as a valuable reference guide, offering in-depth information on software features and functionalities.
  • Sample Business Scenarios: Explore real-world sample business scenarios and case studies that illustrate how Speed Plus 9.0 can be applied to address common inventory challenges.
  • Hands-On Assignments: Engage in hands-on assignments that allow you to apply your knowledge and skills in practical inventory management scenarios. These assignments help you build confidence in using the software.
  • Inventory Templates: Access ready-to-use inventory templates that can be customized to suit your business needs. These templates streamline data entry and reporting.
  • Inventory Tracking Tools: Learn how to use built-in inventory tracking tools and features within Speed Plus 9.0 to monitor stock levels, track item movements, and optimize inventory turnover.
  • Inventory Valuation Techniques: Explore various inventory valuation methods supported by Speed Plus 9.0, such as FIFO and LIFO, and understand how they impact financial reporting.
  • Inventory Reports and Analytics: Gain access to a library of inventory reports and analytics tools to analyze stock performance, forecast demand, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Supplier Management Guidance: Learn how to effectively manage relationships with suppliers and optimize procurement processes using Speed Plus 9.0.
  • Inventory Security and Access Controls: Understand how to implement security measures to protect sensitive inventory data and manage user access permissions.
  • Integration with Other Modules: Discover how inventory management seamlessly integrates with other modules, such as accounting and sales, to ensure data consistency and efficiency across your business processes.
  • Support and Discussion Forums: Access discussion forums and support channels where you can interact with instructors and fellow learners, ask questions, and share insights.
  • Regular Updates: Stay informed about updates to Speed Plus 9.0 and additional course materials as new features or improvements are introduced.
  • Certification (if applicable): Depending on the course, you may receive a certification upon successful completion, validating your expertise in inventory management with Speed Plus 9.0.
  • These materials are thoughtfully curated to provide a well-rounded and immersive learning experience, ensuring that you not only understand the theory but also gain practical skills to excel in inventory management using Speed Plus 9.0.
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Target Audience

  • The course on Inventory Management with Speed Plus 9.0 is designed to cater to a diverse audience of professionals, business owners, and individuals who seek to enhance their skills in effectively managing and optimizing inventory using this powerful software. The target audience for this course includes:
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Business owners looking to streamline their inventory management processes, reduce costs, and improve profitability will benefit from learning how to use Speed Plus 9.0.
  • Inventory Managers and Supervisors: Professionals responsible for day-to-day inventory operations, including purchasing, stocking, and order fulfillment, will gain valuable insights and skills.
  • Retailers and Wholesalers: Those in the retail and wholesale sectors who need to manage a wide range of products and ensure consistent availability to customers will find the course highly relevant.
  • Supply Chain Professionals: Individuals involved in supply chain management, logistics, and distribution will learn how to coordinate and optimize inventory across the entire supply chain.
  • Logistics and Warehouse Managers: Professionals overseeing warehouses and distribution centers will acquire skills to streamline storage, picking, and shipping operations.
  • Procurement Specialists: Those responsible for procuring inventory items and managing supplier relationships will learn to make informed decisions and negotiate effectively.
  • Inventory Analysts: Individuals analyzing inventory data to identify trends, optimize stock levels, and reduce carrying costs will benefit from advanced inventory management techniques.
  • Accountants and Financial Experts: Accounting professionals seeking to understand the financial implications of inventory management, including valuation methods, will find this course valuable.
  • Students and Aspiring Professionals: Students pursuing degrees in business, supply chain management, or related fields can gain foundational knowledge and practical skills for future careers.
  • ERP Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in exploring the capabilities of ERP software in the context of inventory management will find this course insightful.
  • Multi-Location Businesses: Organizations operating in multiple locations or warehouses can learn to efficiently manage inventory across diverse sites.
  • Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs running small businesses that rely on effective inventory management to control costs and meet customer demands will find the course beneficial.
  • IT and Software Professionals: IT experts interested in understanding the integration of inventory management software within the broader ERP system will gain valuable insights.
  • Professionals in Specialized Industries: Professionals in specialized industries, such as agriculture or manufacturing, where inventory management is critical, can adapt the course knowledge to their unique business requirements.
  • This course is structured to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience, from beginners seeking fundamental knowledge to experienced professionals looking to enhance their inventory management skills. By catering to this diverse audience, the course aims to empower individuals and organizations to harness the full potential of Speed Plus 9.0 for efficient and effective inventory management.